This add tugs at my heart strings.

When I was growing up, there were a couple of elderly spinsters who lived in the house across the street. Their daily driver was a Chevy Celebrity, and then later a Buick Century. The other vehicle in their garage was a beige Suburban more or less exactly like this one, that almost never left the garage.


Even as a kid, I used to dream of the day I could maybe buy that cream puff from them. Yes, even child Shop Teacher was much more interested in Squarebodies with dog dish hubcaps, than I was interested in Ferraris. It’s just how I’m wired.

Look at the bottom of this thing!!!!


If I could afford it, I’d drop a stack of 50-hundreds in their lap.  I’m quite sure that would do the trick.  Alas, I just have my memories of the one my neighbors had.  One day in middle school, I saw it parked on the street with Colorado plates on it (I grew up in Illinois).  They had given it to a nephew.  I was super bummed.

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