Guess the suburban’s vintage and earn an internet point!

Today the Kia finally had a good breath of unfiltered manufacturing smog, cow fart, and a ridiculous amount of fog as it made its first highway trip,a short one mind you, at only 115km.

If the trip taught me anything it is that this car is way faster than I should be allowed to handle and that it really likes going at around 80mph in Comfort mode. Its too loud for some types of pavement but it certainly does not disappoint whenever you need to overtake. It kind of gives you a little time to confirm that you want to accelerate in comfort mode. It remains unwilling to cross 3500rpm on the highway unless asked, and it normally stays in 8th gear.

Confirming what some reviewers said, this car feels at home at the highway, it doesn’t matter if you’re gonna settle at 60mph or at 110mph; the car is just happy to run along! Its way too heavy to even consider as a sport car, perhaps a sports sedan. But this car is more than anything an autobahn stormer.


Yesterday my father took it out for the first time and came back screaming it was insane that a car would stay stable at 180km/h. He probably noticed he could stack two of these and still have plenty of room before it reaches his jeep’s roofline and it might have something to do with the highway stability.