Rare snowy pic of my truck for your time.

Since I first discovered printing photos on canvas, I really like the product. The images look good, and they can get knocked off the wall by kids, dogs, or a errant elbow and be totally fine. But the pricing has always kind of baffled me. We had a huge one made from our wedding and I don’t know how much it cost but I’m sure it was a lot. The first time I looked at them online I thought, nah, too expensive. But then I caught a 50% off sale or something and went ahead with a few prints.


Since then, I’ve noticed that a few of these companies appear to just always be on sale, by HUGE amounts. So in other words, they’re inflating their so-called “List Price” to make it look like you’re getting a great deal. Fine, they hardly invented that concept, but today I noticed an especially egregious example. I know it’s just “marketing” but this is misleading, dishonest, and confusing at the very best. 

I got a flyer in the mail because I’ve ordered from EasyCanvasPrints in the past. Mother’s Day Sale, they said. “88% OFF!” They said. I went to their website, and sure enough, they’re promoting “85% OFF” for Mother’s day, and I’m thinking, oh hey, neat - I’ll get an extra few bucks with my promo code.

The 11 x 14 print I wanted was $16.28 - 85% off an alleged $108.55 list price (lol). Fine.


So I upload an image, go to checkout and enter my stupid promo code because it’ll get me another ~$3.20 so why not? Oh, no. Think again.



The price went UP! The LIST price went up by so much, in fact, that my “return customer discount” netted me a savings of negative $6.61.


No thank you I’ll find a place that’s the same price but less scammy. Or in this case, I’ll print 5x7 and buy a frame at CVS for $10 and call it a day.

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