In today’s episode of Dealership Incompetence, we visit the fine folks at Regal Kia (and by fine folks, I mean idiots), who created a helpful Youtube video tutorial to guide K900 owners through Apple CarPlay setup with their infotainment systems.

The video starts out with this view of the K900 dash.

This is in fact the K900 dash

However, when it comes time to demonstrate the steps in setup, the video cuts to a dash that is not from a K900.

Not a K900

There are two reasons why this substitution is both necessary and misleading at the same time:


1. The K900 does not have a touch screen, so you cannot demonstrate touch commands on it.

2. The K900 infotainment system is not CarPlay compatible. Not in any generation, including the newest one.

So, in summary, these folks created a nice video demonstrating how to do something that cannot be done. Why did they do this? My explanation is that they created one video for all the Kia line and just stuck on model-specific front ends and renamed the video each time. What this demonstrates instead is that these people don’t know the cars they are selling and servicing. This video has been on Youtube for a long time, and no one there seems to care.