I share this with you because you’re my friends and I trust you not to steal my $40 (+$6.95 S&H) screwdriver while I’m at work. Shipping took a bit longer, because I ordered directly from Wiha, so I could get an extra ten bits. Does anyone need a bunch of Pozidrive and Square bits? No. But whatever. It was basically the same.

Let us all bask in the pornographic beauty that is this video:

This is the American version:

As you can see, the American version is much more focused on its utility, while the German video is much more focused on how sexy screw drivers are and how efficient having bits stored in the handle is, and how sexy efficiency is. 20% of Germany’s current population was conceived with that video in the background.

Now, I say this as someone whose ethno-religious background was particularly persecuted by the Germans: Sure the “best” side won the war, but sometimes you just have to wonder.