I love white cars.

It’s funny, just the other day I was thinking to myself I wished that VW hadn’t put the LED DRLs on the bumper, and instead just made the e-Golf look essentially like any other Golf.

The first time I used the DC Fast charger.


You see, unlike most other “good” Christians, and most bleeding heart liberals, I don’t like telling everyone about my anonymous good deeds, and everything I do to try and reduce my impact on the environment. I don’t have a sign on the front of my house, or anywhere else, that tells visitors my house has only low flow faucets and shower heads. Nor do I broadcast* that I have led lights throughout to try and reduce my power. Why? Because I do those things to save myself money, and to reduce my impact on the environment. And I bought e-Golfs not to broadcast to everyone I’m a bleeding heart liberal, I’m just a soulless liberal. But I bought them to save money on fuel and curb my use of fossil fuels. But I’m sure that I’m not a savior of the planet because manufacturing my cars emitting a shit ton of greenhouse gasses. Hopefully those extra emissions are offset by the fact I’m charging in California, and because I plan on keeping my cars for a long time.

But this brings me to the article listed above. For years the Prius was bought to showcase just how dumb people are. Practically every celebrity in Hollywood had one, and the car is a miserable piece of shit to drive. They didn’t buy it because they liked it, they bought it for the image that it projected. And it’s the same with Tesla vehicles. It’s also why I think owners are so dismissive of the cars many flaws. They’re more concerned about the image they’re projecting then the massive panel gap inconsistencies.


But to the author’s main argument that the Model 3 is the next Prius. I think he’s wrong. I think Tesla as a whole is the next Prius. They’re nicer cars than a Prius, and the entire brand is devoted to shouting down at the poors how they’re saving the world. Owners have been doing it for years with the S and their stupid vanity plates. And Tesla does it with their dealer plates.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Model 3 is the next Prius, or is it Tesla as a whole? Do you agree the Bolt is not conspicuous enough? I do. Same with the Leaf, and any bespoke model. But perhaps the key to those is not everyone knows what it is. Maybe everyone doesn’t know what a Tesla is, but as soon as you Google them you find out who they are.

*I realize it may seem like I’m broadcasting this to you all now, but seeing as how I have only met a handful of you in person, I don’t tell you this to just tell you this, I’m using it as an example.


**I didn’t read through the whole article. I think I got the crux of the his argument.