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"This awards show is horseshit!"

...is what I would be screaming inside the Dolby Theater on March 2nd if I were Ron Howard. Rush was snubbed by the panel of doddering animated corpses at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences this morning. Not a single nomination, not even for the technical awards, which is ludicrous because the cinematography of Rush was absolutely boneriffic.

To make things worse, those ass-clowns even paraded poor Chris Hemsworth on stage to read a bunch of lists, none of which contained his name, despite his fantastic interpretation of the late, great James Hunt.


At least they got a few things right, including their tacit recognition that Jennifer Lawrence is not only smoking hot, but is America's new sweetheart. They did this by giving American Hustle 10 nominations, including 1 for Jennifer Lawrence for Best Supporting Actress. I can only imagine the other 9 were given on the strength of Jennifer Lawrence's greatness as well.

Other than that, it's pretty obvious that the Academy are huge fans of Jonah Hill's wedding tackle, and that they wanted to see Sandra Bullock blasted into low earth orbit as much as I did (but I preferred it without the spacesuit). If it looks like the Oscars have become a self-congratulatory industry circle jerk which rewards cronyism and fan service, it is because that's what it has always been. Okay, maybe not, and yes, I'm willing to admit that this year's crop of nominee's are the best I've seen in a long while. This year a Steve McQueen stands a very good chance to finally win an Oscar. While it might not be our favorite Steve McQueen, this Steve McQueen still did a pretty spectacular job. And I truly don't care what it is Spike Jonze is selling, I'll always buy it. But still, not even a technical nod to a fantastic historical sports drama? Even with a field this packed with competition, that dog won't hunt, Mon Signor.


In spite of the likely unintentional oversight by the cast of Willow, er, the Academy selection board, let's take a moment to remember just how great Rush was:

Luckily we only have to wait 12 more days until Rush is finally released on BluRay & DVD (and I bet iTunes will release it early, or at least I hope so!)


Let's not let this injustice go unchecked! Post your favorite Rush and Jennifer Lawrence pics and GIFs in the comments.

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