It’s like an itch you can’t scratch. One of Jack Baruth’s articles over on Road & Track includes some Miata-specific info that to the best of my knowledge is blatantly untrue. There’s no source for what he said, and Google isn’t turning anything up. It’s an interesting article too, but this one little thing.... Ugh.


It’s the “Moti makes his buyers agree not to take pictures of the rollbar” line that gets me. What? That didn’t happen to me. Or anyone else I know who has bought a bar from Moti. I’ve posted pictures of my car on instagram and tagged blackbird fabworx... Moti liked it and shared it to the company FB page. Online searches have revealed zero info about this supposed picture-taking ban. It would be one thing if Mr Baruth simply said that he, personally, was instructed not to take photos of the bar. But... He made it sound like a well known thing in the Miata community. Am I missing something..?

Oh and while we’re nitpicking, the “monstrously difficult and time consuming process” of installing his rollbars is anything but. I did it solo—which is a major pain—in maybe five hours? First time doing a rollbar installation, first time using a cutting wheel, first time drilling through body panels, etc. My subpar “mechanical abilities” are well documented here so anyone more experienced could fly through the installation. The claim that a shop who installs tons of rollbars every year took EIGHTEEN HOURS is either entirely false, or the mechanic is taking you out to the cleaners.

Okay rant over. I wish there was a comment section at Road & Track so I could figure out what he’s smoking or what the strange circumstances behind his particular case are. Oh well

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