This brings me back

We had the Buick version growing up. So many details I remember

I remember that over-chrome turn signal that “KA Chunked!” like no other. I remember the smell and feel of the cheap vinyl and carpet. I remember the rear speaker grills that were always falling apart.


I remember us all jumping in the back in the snow so we could make it up the hill.

It was my brothers first car, it caught fire in the school parking lot. it was an engine fire that was put out, then the hoses and wires were replaced and it ran so much better. My dad lent it to a neighbor that was down on his luck for a few years and his kid crashed it before returning it. nothing bad, but the rear panel was mangled.


When we got it back we decided to go all in and painting polka dots on it and built a sod box for the roof rack and we actually grew sod up there.

It was the first car I drove when my brother let me have the controls in the parking lot when I was 12.


I remember the hard earned lesson of how hot interior lights were if they were left on and to never leave the door open.

it was a colossal piece of garbage then and now. Do I miss it? NO! collectable?
NO! not as stock at least.  

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