This Camry Comes With a Surprise...

Well, a couple of surprises actually.

Yesterday I posted about a Toyota that just got traded in, a super clean yet high mileage Tacoma:


Today I've got a different Toyota for you.

What have we here? Why, it's a base model 2011 Camry, in the ever-so-exciting Rental Car SilverTM!

Why am I bothering to share this pinnacle of beigeness? Because this Camry has a surprise inside.


To say I did a double take would be an understatement.

Camry owners never struck me as the type to enjoy rowing their own gears. Apparently this one wasn't too invested in it, because this Camry had another surprise in store for me...


At 65k miles the clutch is so badly worn out that the car can barely move under its own power.

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