This can only end well

I need to weld the kick starter on my new to me adorable little ‘74 Honda CB125s. Eventually I will replace the stripped shaft, but I want to actually ride for a while and stop wrenching. Do I take it to a shop? Ask one of several friends that know how to weld? Find some sketchy dude on Craigslist? No, I swing by Horrible Freight and buy a cheap-ass welder. Yes, I know it’s a piece of shit. Yes, I know MIG is the way to go. Yes, I know this thing isn’t going to lay down a stack of dimes bead, even with all the practice in the world. Yes, I know I’m quite likely to set the yard on fire and possibly accidentally weld one of the children to the refrigerator. Doesn’t matter. I want to play with electricity and molten metal, so damn it, I will! I will however get in as much practice as I can before actually trying to weld the kick starter. Bump starting the tiny little Honda is no big deal.


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