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Apparently, this car is a 1915 Holden. No, not that Holden, this one comes from Texas and was built by C. Clarence Holden. And it’s one of the strangest cars I think I’ve ever seen. It’s a three-wheeler, but it’s unlike any other three-wheeled car I’ve seen. It looks like a similar wheel layout to a motorcycle with a sidecar, with two wheels inline on one side and a third wheel in between on the other side. An asymetrical wheel layout. And it looks like the passenger sits in front of the driver, but slightly off to the side to make room for the steering column! This would maybe make sense if it was just a car-like body on a motorcycle with a sidecar, but it’s not; that doesn’t look like motorcycle suspension and with the body offset like that... This thing is just bizarre. Why would someone build it that way!? I have to think it would’ve been easier to make a three-wheeler one of the normal ways, and this thing must just have the absolute wonkiest handling... Why is this car? I can’t even with this car.


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