I had been hemming and hawing at checking out a BMW X1 Xdrive35i near me because it’s got 100,000 miles on it and I’d really prefer to get something with 75,000(accepting that in my price range it would be a 28i). But my wife encouraged me to at least consider this car- as she pointed out we have happily had cars to 150k miles; most likely I’ll be more entertained by the big engine; and the price is reasonable. And I don’t disagree with her.

So tomorrow I’m going to test drive a 2013 X1 Xdrive35i that very likely will come home with me. It’s got a weird set of options as far as I can tell(Sport line package(nice seats) and sport auto transmission with paddles. How this person didn’t just order the M Sport package is strange to me- I would imagine sport line plus the sport transmission and paddles would have been at least 2/3 the cost of just getting the M Sport pack. But there we have it; I’ll have the plastic cladding. It looks well cared for and apparently has new tires(which I hope aren’t a crap brand/model), dealer indicated they are willing to go $800 under current asking price to around $11,000.

Over time I’m going to tune the engine, transmission, and likely lower it to normal car height.


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