This could be really good or could be a complete let down.

Ignoring the many (bad) automotive/racing puns, the article points out that Disney has bought the movie rights to the book and also an already written script, which was previously done when Universal was planning to make the movie starring Patrick Dempsey.

The book is fairly dark, so hopefully Disney does keep it more adult and true to the book. It could be a really good film actually. However, the author of this article does not do a great job of inspiring confidence, “The good news for Stein fans is that the material may be better suited at Disney, which has a long history of canine pics, ranging from Old Yeller to Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” [Emphasis mine]

Okay, well Old Yeller gives me some hope for a rather somber story of a man and his dog. But to bring up Beverly Hills Chihuahua as evidence to Disney’s ability to produce quality dog-centric movies is a terrible idea.

Here’s to hoping that Disney does a great job. I’ve got hope, as long as it ends up getting a PG-13 rating. Anything less will mean that the story was significantly changed.