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This is only part of the order. Another company is selling me my Bitubo adjustable shocks and associated bushings and parts. So I am now committed to seeing this project through. This is either going to be triumph or tragedy, it remains to be seen.


This is probably a really dumb project, but that is part of what appeals to me. There is a huge ET2/ET4 community around the world because as uncool as they may seem, the first modern Vespa, especially the first 4 stroke, was a massive hit. They sold bazillions of them, Vespa’s business waa revitalized, and many are still on the road as utilitarian transport. The LEADER engine is like Vespa’s 22R. Piaggio put it in everything for a while. So, yeah, it’s stupid, but it could be really freaking cool. I am certainly hoping to have fun doing it.

I believe this is the appropriate place to seek support for irrational restoration and modification projects. 

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