November 15, 1966 – Ttyymmnn was born. Professional musician, armchair historian, aviation enthusiast, and Opponaut, Ttyymmnn was born 50 years ago in Ann Arbor, Michigan while his father attended the University of Michigan. Over the course of half a century, Ttyymmnn lost every race in the Pinewood Derby, attended the Indy 500, went to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field (they lost to the Rockies), gone deep sea fishing a few times, married a beautiful woman, traveled to Europe twice (10/10, would go again tomorrow, might move there), gotten no less than three degrees in trumpet playing, won a job with two symphony orchestras and helped bring three amazing sons into the world. Currently, Ttyymmnn resides in Austin, Texas, where he plays trumpet, smokes cigars, drinks German beer, does the laundry, and writes lengthy articles about aviation history that have developed a devoted, if rather small, reading audience (thanks for reading!). In the future, Ttyymmnn plans to hold his breath and remain medicated until 2020. (Photos shamelessly stolen from the Internet)

Here are a few other things that were either born or happened in 1966.

1966 Fort GT40
1966 Chevy Chevelle
First flight of the Northrop M2-F2, July 12, 1966
1966 Ferrari 312


1966 Monaco GP
First flight of the Dassault Mirage F1, December 23, 1966
Batman debuts on January 12, 1966


Richard Petty wins his second Daytona 500

Graham Hill wins the 1966 Indy 500


The launch of Gemini VIII, IX, X, XI and XII
The Monkees debuts on September 12, 1966