I've done a couple posts in the past about my whiteboard at work (I post this day in history facts on it) and today's is car related!

I came across this little bit in my search for today's fact:

1901 - The Mercedes was introduced by Daimler at the five-day "Week of Nice" in Nice, France.

All well and good but what was significant about it? A little interneting (that should be a word) gave me some background:

  • The 35 hp Mercedes is known as the first "real" automobile by modern day standards (not exactly sure what that entails but I would guess the combination of internal combustion engine, electric start, wheelbase, drum brakes, uniform wheels).
  • The vehicle was built to specification by Emil Jellinek who would race and win (handily) the Mercedes 35 hp.
  • The name "Mercedes" was taken from the name of Emil Jellinek's daughter.
  • The vehicle had an inline 4 cylinder engine directly mounted to the frame.

Quick info came from here and broad searches. I know you guys have a lot to offer in this area so feel free to correct me or add info in the comments!