I just got hit by a Mazda CX-5. Nothing serious, just a sore elbow and a bit shaken up.

I cycle to the train station every morning, which takes me through the village center. The last street is quite tight, one-way with parked cars on both sides. Wide enough for something Fiesta-like to squeeze past the occasional cyclist, but not for anything much larger.


Fast forward to today: I’m in my usual spot on the road, i.e. about half a meter from the kurb on the right, when I notice a car coming up behind me. I hear it slow down and match my pace, so I assume it’ll stay behind me until the station (about 400m).

Nope. It proceeds to attempt an overtake AND HITS ME IN THE ELBOW WITH HIS DOOR MIRROR.


You’d imagine noticing something like this as a driver, especially seeing how the mirror got tucked in (which is probably what prevented worse for me).

Nope. I caught up with the driver 20 seconds later, who, ironically, stopped at the train station to drop off his wife, and asked him if he could pay a bit more attention overtaking cyclists in the future.


*blank stare* The guy hadn’t noticed anything, not even the fact that his right-side mirror was only reflecting his car’s interior back at him.

“Oh well, you were riding very much in the middle of the road...” Disregarding the fact that I was well within the right half of the one-way road, if there isn’t enough room (and, according to the results, there wasn’t), you shouldn’t attempt an overtake.


The best part of all? He drove off after our talk without pushing his mirror back.

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