This evening in bad ideas with Gog

Fish sticks. Yup. In the toaster.

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Not much more to say about it than that I guess. I’m not going to call in a bad idea per se, but it definitely didn’t work out as well as the chicken fingers.


You can sorta see the nature of the issue in the above photo. (Full disclosure I actually did this last night and forgot to take photos of the finished product outside the toaster.) Perhaps it would have turned out better with a different toaster. They cooked pretty well, but this toaster’s uh... toasting rack (? The thing the bread/fish/chicken/etc sits on while being toasted) has large gaps that the fish sticks are small enough to fall into. The fish also tends to be a bit more floppy than the chicken was, meaning it tended to slump against the sides. The other problem is that fish is flakey meaning once cooked the fish tended to fall apart as it was being removed, making for tricky extraction with some pieces falling into the bottom of the toaster.

This one needs further exploration before I can truly call it either plain old stupid or an actual bad idea. I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop.

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