Minty '76 Fleetwood in cocaine white? Want

If the Rich Texan from the Simpsons/Fairly Odd Parents was a car

Not terribly gaudy, all things considered


That totally real wood.

I've never held these cars in high regard before. Growing up, I'd either heard about my dad's '71 Cadillac that didn't handle so much as drift and got 8 mpg, or my mom's horror stories about her dad's new Lincoln or Mercury constantly breaking down, and the pimpmobiles and hoopties seen on TV. So naturally, I never saw these as cool, let alone aspirational. Cadillacs were either for poor people or old people or gangsters. But this just looks completely deluxe, even today. That paint, those seats, it actually works. I would unironically rock this. It's completely and utterly awesome.

The '80s/'90s Caddies are utter shit, though. Still rolling coffins in my opinion.