Do I have a Takata claymore aimed at my face/my passenger’s face?

Not my interior, but my steering wheel. Too much “wood” for my tastes.

E36s haven’t been marked yet, but nothing from the 90s has. Unless there was some advancement in airbags in the year 2000 and that’s what causing Takata’s issues (doubtful). Or cars from the 90s are just old enough that whatever agency is in charge of this just doesn’t care. I’m guessing the latter, especially since 2000MY E46s are affected but not 1999MY.


The only reason I wonder if mine is affected (Outside of basically every BMW post-2000/pre-currently being affected) is because the steering wheel in early E46s bear a huge resemblance to the late E36 steering wheel. The only difference I see is the wheel-mounted controls.


Maybe I’m just being paranoid? I don’t like the idea of getting in a minor accident and dying because I’ve been repeatedly stabbed in the face and neck with bits of metal.

Thinking about getting into accidents in general is scary, but with the amount of people I see nowadays on their phones and eating while driving I feel like I have to.