Redundant link to article in case of Kinja


Let me also say he’s......wrong. In stark contrast to my support of many other hot takes this morning (nothing gets me up in the morning like a nice fresh stack of hot takes) his argument is BS. And to save you all from the pain I can sum up his reason for excising all sub 500cc bikes form the market in one sentence - He was stupid on a 50cc pit bike and tried to dash away from a land cruiser.


He apparently only “got his bell rung” but I think it broke the bell in the process. I guess he forgot that super lightweight starter bikes can still out accelerate contemporary SUVs and sedans even with just 20-30hp. My pig of a bike, with it’s trail friendly gears requiring three shifts to hit 60, will still spring from a dead stop to 60 in under 5 seconds. And it only has 30ish horsepower for 450lbs of bike.


I’ll sum up my dismissal of this take with a line from the comments. “If you can’t safely handle a routine situation with a 300cc bike, then the problem is with the rider.

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