Childrens Balance Bike: Y-Bike for kids

$50.00 Date Listed:

Condition: Used

This is a reluctant sale. Since the introduction of Campbell Newman's anti-bikie laws, my 3 year old has been feeling the heat of the fuzz on the back of her neck, so has decided to turn in her colours and shift her hog.

This orange beast has been her cruiser for the past 18 months, being passed down from the head of her chapter, her 6 year old brother. The Y-Bike is a common ride of members of the infamous Duplo gang (you often seen them wearing their primary colours proudly near slides and places that serve cappucinos without any coffee in them, with their pants hangin' low with the tops of their pull-ups peaking over the top - its the fashion, apparently). This model has been on the streets for about three years, scaring women and others who are easily scared by hard-core orange plastic balance bikes piloted by toddling bikies.

It runs beautifully. There are some scratches on it though. My daughter laid it on its side while running away from the cops after a bad deal went wrong (she was offloading some black-market hand-me-down onesies at a local playground and it turned out that what she thought was a play-group mum was actually an undercover fed). The bike still rolls beautifully, handles like a dream, and is stable in all sorts of conditions.

This bike would suit anyone from two upwards who wanted to break into the bike scene. The price a less than half retail, but only because my daughter needs the cash to sort a fake id in case Campbell's boys in blue come a-knocking.

The photo below is not the actual bike, but is exactly the same model. It is in hiding at the Duplo bikies' Kedron clubhouse. Send me a message or give me ring and we can sort to hook you up with this sweet ride. Just don't tell Campbell or the cops.