This happened today

So I was out driving, as one does on a sunny sunday, on a main country road, perfectly within the speed limit, which is 100kph in this case, literally the least dangerous thing possible.

And then this one Golf decides to pull out of a side road about 60m in front of me. 100kph equates to 28m/s, meaning this Golf has about 2s to clear the junction, or else the day might have been a very uncomfortable one for both of us. 

The 100-0kph braking distance of a 1995 Maxima QX is quoted at 43m. Take into account roughly one second of reaction time, bringing my practical stopping distance to 71 meters. Luckily said Golf did the politically acceptable thing and accelerated in a fuel saving manner, as to not cause any more pollution than necessary.


Tl;dr: Russian Moose Test.

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