This has been haunting my dreams.

I can't get the burning Saab 900 turbo from the Vampire Weekend video out of my head. It may have something to do with the fact that I've listened to it quite a few times this week as it's admittedly catchy, though the song "Step" from the same album is much better in terms of writing.

My inner psychotherapist seems to think this may be due to the Saab 900 turbo that was owned by some guy on my block; a near-identical model save for color. By some feat of God it somehow lasted twenty years despite being parked on the street in San Francisco through all kinds of weather. I'm not sure what's impressive: the fact that it ran for that long or the fact that it looked as good as it did despite being left outside.


Sadly, it was destroyed in a t-bone accident a few feet away from my house.

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