Got pulled over for the first time in 3 years of driving, and now I can’t afford to fix the 944 right now....Just FML. Venting session incoming, just as a warning. Read at your own risks.

Since I work at a local swim club for the summer, I’ve been put in charge of keeping track of the junior tennis teams as an assistant tennis coach. This morning we had an away match at Lifetime Fitness in Rochester Hills(about 30 minutes away) and I was told it was to start at 10:30am. I suck at directions when it comes to going to new places, so I use maps on my iPhone, but Siri and Ford’s SYNC like to troll me often and intermittently; randomly telling me when to turn and such either at the very last minute or right after I turn. As a result, I usually have to periodically check my phone and look at the written directions and map to see if I’m going the right way. More on that later.


Frustratingly, I don’t get there until 11am. Frantically looking for anyone for the tennis match. I end up calling my advisor, who tells me I was told wrong, and that it starts at 12pm and to just wait until then. It’s at that point after hanging up that I realize, “SHIT, I forgot the team lineup!”. So I get back on the freeway, M-59 and speed back home.

Unfortunately, on the freeway I didn’t know that at a certain point, a mile 1/4 before it ends, the speed limit changes from 70 to 55. And at that moment where the speed changes, I had my phone up checking to see what exit was next or where I had to turn next. A cop was sitting just at that 1 1/4 mile point as I drove past him. I saw him so I put my phone down accordingly having figured out where I was going, but then I saw him turn. I prayed that it wasn’t something I did, but it was as his lights came on and he pulled up right behind me. For one, my luck with never getting pulled over ended today, and I was pulled over. There are a series of thoughts going on in my head as my heart is racing, sick feeling in stomach, and my anxiety kicks in to overdrive as I try to keep a cool head. Thought’s such as...

  • This is it, the end for me!
  • I’m a dead man now!! (o_O)
  • I’m going to be shot!! ;_;
  • This is gonna burn the rest of the money I have NOOOOO!!

Are ringing in my thought bubble.

The cop was actually rather kind, asking me if I knew why he pulled me over; I honestly didn’t know at the time but thought that it was that I had my phone up, it wasn’t that. He got me doing 84 in a 55 and I hadn’t realized that I was going that fast. I think he realized this was the first time I’d been pulled over, as my hands and voice were shaking and I was struggling to keep conversation going. I guess I should be lucky I didn’t get a ticket; probably the only good thing about today.


I finally got home and grabbed the crucial team lineup and got back, at 12:25. By then, the teams had already been sent out in a cluster fuck and since we were missing so many people, it was just FUBAR for me. Felt like such a fuckup and a failure.


After that, I ran to the Munk’s, the shop working on the 944, to see if there was an update on the inspection. They had finished it yesterday, and this is where the second worst part of my day happened. I got the list of things that were wrong, here’s just a few of them, some of which I knew, others I didn’t.

  1. The front struts were completely blown
  2. The Control arm bushings were worn, torn, or completely collapsed on both sides
  3. Excessive wheel bearing play from the front wheels
  4. Brake lines, outer tie rod boots are cracking and ect.

Essentially, Erika has been driving/running on broken legs for months and I hadn’t realized it until then, as I was just thinking worn bushings. :(


The inspection itself will cost me $230, I can barely cover it, but survive it; the cost of the parts and labor to put this all right, not so much. I get an official statement Monday or Tuesday, but I’m looking at roughly $1500-2000 to get her back to 100%, and that doesn’t even include re-tensioning the belts and putting on my new Alternator belt.

It would, and most likely will take me months to get that money, on top of covering the ST’s monthly payments and any other things that may come up in the future. I knew I’d have to make some expensive things at some point, that wasn’t even a question; I just didn’t think so soon, the timing is just shitty for me. At this rate, no matter how many hours I work between my two jobs, I see no possible way i can have the cash ready for repairs by the Dream Cruise, or even by the end of the summer period, that’s just about put a bullet in my summer plans and downright ruined the summer in a big way for me. I didn’t really have much to look forwards to this summer besides enjoying driving my 944. With everyone being busy and working or doing something else, hanging out with friends, or forgetting I exist, again...But that’s not happening now. It would take a miracle to get everything put right, and miracles are bullshit in my opinion; it’d be nice if one happened just this one time. I wish I had more money, and a higher paying job(s), such is life, and life is a bitch.


This all is just depressing for me, I guess I’m supposed to be optimistic and hope for the best, but even that seems like a bit much to do. I reckon something will sort this out or something will happen and things will be better, whatever that might be....Here’s some optimism:


Yeah! Optimism!! Now I just have to get through work for another hour, faking every smile as people come into the store..

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