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This has gone well

I was heading to the store to pick up some food since as you can see my hunger meter is out of control. I was working on building my car but I ran out of food and only had a few beers left. Beer will lower your hunger a bit but too much and you get drunk. Well due to the aforementioned beer, driving is a bit difficult in this game as well. So I ended up in a lake. Time to walk, or just reload my save since ive learned by now to just save before I try to drive anywhere lol.


After my reload, here is the progress of my car so far. I have assembled the entire front suspension and will soon start on the rear. However, the car keeps flipping over and I have no idea how to fix this shit. I havent been able to get the floor jack to work correctly and have been assembling it upside down or wherever the car ends up when it moves randomly.

Try number three to get to the store in one piece! First try was a nightmare in the dark with the van. The last try I nearly made it in the poop truck. Maybe third time is a charm...

FUCK I DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT PERMADEATH!!! So on the third try I ended up crashing into something a little too hard and of course I died. Well silly me found out something new about this game. Apparently at the beginning when you setup the game there is a PERMADEATH option that deletes your save game if you die. LOL I absolutely love this game now, good thing I didnt get very far with building my car. Note to self, turn off permadeath...

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