Long day today after this incident. Girlfriend and I are fine, will find out tomorrow if we have any lurking injuries. But a few hours later and nothing is even sore so we should be alright.


I will have quite the story to tell after all of the insurance hullabaloo has been sorted. But basically some nutjob lost control of their vehicle and rammed into us. They then proceeded to try to flee the scene but they didn’t get too far due to this little problem:

So now not only has this idiot caused a multi car wreck but he has also ended up with a hit and run and whatever else he had going for himself that motivated him to run in the first place. And yes that is a Jeep wheel so this is some Jeep on Jeep violence right there!

Anyways, it was caught on video by a local business, there were multiple cars hit, many witnesses in broad daylight, and insurance will deal all the crap. So I’ve got nothing to worry about, just a minor hiccup to my vacation. Getting a new rental car in the morning since it was too much to deal with tonight.


Just glad we are safe back at the Airbnb and life will move on. Hope that guy sees some jail time but I have no idea how the legal system works. I’m going to continue enjoying the lovely weather and relaxing on island time.


Should have stayed for sunset, would have avoided all this altogether. Oh well, can't see the future! Too bad we were hungry. 

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