This hits too close to home...

As I myself am fighting a rare, aggressive Stage 4 Kidney cancer with no known cure or long term treatment - hearing of Andrew Lee’s passing hits really close to home. While his variant of RCC is slightly more rarer than mine, mine is worse only in its metastatic aggressiveness. He was diagnosed a few months before me and passed away on Easter with his family by his side - an awful day for an untimely death.


The news of his passing and his story though just hit too close to home given my condition and situation. He fought for four years and I am on my third year of the fight. I honestly had hoped I could make it 11-12 years, enough to correct my life and properly set things in place for my fiancee for the rest of her life - but lately I’ve been feeling that five years would be quite lucky. This news doesn’t do much to help that sneaking fear of pending mortality.

I hadn’t looked into his story too much prior to his death, though I had heard of his charity from fellow car enthusiasts. I hope his last days were at ease with no pain and that wherever he his now he is free of the fight. Godspeed Mr. Lee!

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