You may have noticed over the weekend that pictures of Donald Trump, the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and a glowing orb, were circulating the meme-o-sphere. Apparently this orb is in the lobby of Saudi Arabia’s new World Center for Conquering Extremist Thought.

According to The Guardian,

The complex is billed as Saudi Arabia’s headquarters for countering extremists’ messaging, with more than 200 data analysts working to monitor and analyse their online activity in real time.

Local media reported that the leaders’ placing their hands on the globe “officially activated the centre and launched a splashy welcome video”.

My first thought is that the World Center for Conquering Extremist Thought sounds very similar to the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good (and who wanna learn to do other stuff good too).

Look at Trump, wry, smug, half smile on his face, perhaps thinking to himself, “I’m so awesome, I managed to come to Saudi Arabia and say RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM a bunch of times (but in slightly different words, even though I really mean RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM) to a bunch of Muslim Arabs. They obviously agree with me that RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM is bad because they made this whole center just to fight it. It’s gonna be great. I have all the best people on it. So many data analysts. It’s the most amazing collection of data analysts in the world fighting RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM.


Look at Melania, vacant look in her eyes, wondering how the fates conspired against her to bring her to this situation. The poor woman just wants her rumpled, long tie wearing husband to not hold her hand.

“This motherfucker can put his hands on this stupid orb with these other politicians but I’m not joining in this farce.”


Either that or King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, a nation that grants women slightly more rights than it does to house plants, would not allow Melania to touch the glowing orb of evil Conquering Extremist Thought.

The king appears distracted by someone in the crowd. Maybe he saw a woman trying to get a job at the World Center for Conquering Extremist Thought and became very worried. Either that or he’s thinking, “oh look, a mosquito!”

Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi seems to be in pain, or perhaps the pained expression on his face is one of worry that joining minds telepathically with Donald Trump will cause him to experience spontaneous comb-over growth, but then again, this is a man for whom smiling looks like this:


Yes, the orb is really just a glowing globe, and nothing sinister, unless that’s exactly what the Psychotectic Treatment Center World Center for Conquering Extremist Thought wants us to believe.

Even Satan himself wants no part of the orb.