This Independence Day, it's time to celebrate our independence. Independence from the roof.

A good way to do that? This burgundy E64 650i.

Not only is the 650i looking resplendent in Barbera Red Metallic, it comes complete with a third pedal.


While not everyone will agree, I believe these cars have aged very well.

Was never really a fan when they first hit the market, but now I find myself coveting one. One of the reasons I got the E92 was because of fuel economy, but now that my commute isn’t a 76 mile round trip, I wouldn’t be concerned with the fuel economy this is going to return. Nor would I be put off by maintenance costs. If I was seriously in the car market, this car would be on my short list.

I know I just said that I liked the 1-series and could do another one of those. I think I’m just saying that I need a bunch of Bangle era BMWs. That’s not a statement I thought I would ever utter. Then again, maybe I should get something less reliable.



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