This irks me, but perhaps it shouldn't?

This Tahoe belongs to the School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to my boys’ middle school. He’s parked on the median in the parking lot so he can be in the shade. He has his own spot right in front of the door but, like most Texans, he’s willing to park far away in the shade and walk.

The SRO’s unused parking space

The other reason he parks on the median is that he can. If I were to park there, I don’t think the school or the cops would be quite so forgiving. I’ve had dealings with the SRO, and he’s a really nice guy. I wouldn’t want his job. So I guess I can give him a bit of slack on the parking. Still, I’m not sure he’s setting the best example.

When I have symphony concerts, we park in a garage across from the hall and there is an off-duty Austin school district officer who makes sure we get across the street safely. I don’t remember which show it was, but I said to him as I crossed, “This is a really great show. You’d probably like it. I can get you some comps if you want to come.” He laughed and said, “I don’t need a ticket. I’m a cop! I can just walk right in.”

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