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This is a bigass antenna

The Madison Community Tower on the western edge of town is a 1,423 feet tall guyed mast. That’s 28 feet lower than the roof of the Willis Sears Tower in Chicago. But that’s still tall enough that it can be partially obscured by clouds like it was on my drive to work this morning.


The tower is basically in the middle of a corn field on the edge of town that’s actually in the middle of a bunch of new development. My commute along Pleasant View Rd takes me right past the tower, and the route is a mix of houses, apartments, farms, offices, etc. It is, in fact, a pleasant view, in spite of the high voltage power transmission lines that went up a few years ago.

The cables that hold the tower in place are anchored into massive concrete blocks in the ground. You can see some of the newer apartments and offices in the background of this picture that was taken in 2010.

The buildings around the base of the tower that house the transmitters for the 60+ different antennas on the tower have giant concrete slabs on their roofs in order to protect against giant pieces of ice that fall off the tower in the winter.


Yes, it is a very big antenna.

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