No, not the North American one we all know and “love”. This is a Chevy Chevair (not to be confused with another previous Chevrolet compact, the Corvair), a rebadged Mark I Vauxhall Cavalier/Opel Ascona for the South African market. Unlike the Mark II Cavalier/Ascona, the Mark I was not a J-Body like the North American Cavalier, instead it was based off the U-Body platform (not the one used for cars like the Pontiac Trans Sport and Vauxhall/Opel Sintra, instead an earlier platform).


There’s also the Holden Sunbird, a car hailing from that other country full of farmers that the Dutch explored in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia. Like the Chevair, it was not a J-Body and had pretty much nothing to do with the Pontiac of the same name, instead it was simply a four cylinder variant of the Torana compact.

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