O, the random things I’ve seen...

A wild SSR appears! Still don’t quite get this design...

Trailer? What’s a trailer for?

Legit business, I’m sure. Make sure YOUR plumber is boned!


And lastly, meet my new neighbor, folks.

Owns two Suburbans (one not pictured). Rents out two adjacent parking spaces.


Parks in spot adjacent to reserved space.

I get it, your fucking aircraft-carrier sized family haulers have a hard time fitting in these admittedly tiny parking spaces. All our cars do. But don’t suck up one of the open spaces just so you can swing your door open wider. Get a smaller car if it’s really an issue.


Although, it’s not all bad. I’ve been tempted to see if I can (without permission, of course) replace their brake pads without removing the wheels. I think it can be done!