It’s for sale in Sydney, Australia. It’s brand new with only 129 kilometres on the clock. Right hand drive converted and everything. How much, you may ask? The low, low price of $146,000 AUD. As the Australians say, strewth.

For comparison, here’s a rather similar truck in my area. Same trim level, same colour, only real difference is that this one’s got a black interior and is in Canada with the steering wheel on the left side. But this costs almost half as much. I know importing a car across the world is a tricky matter of business, but jesus christ on a ham and cheese sandwich, I didn’t know it was that difficult.


Even at the ludicrous prices though, Australians buy (or at least seem to buy) a shit tonne of American pickups, which begs the question. Why doesn’t Ford/GM/Dodge sell them in Australia? They could make an absolute killing. I’m willing to bet you that they would be at least somewhat cheaper than the imported ones.

I’m saying this mainly because I want to see a Silverado with Holden badges. Supposedly, that’s actually a possibility, along with a Holden Camaro.


(in case the link gets kinja’d)

I’d like to see that happen.