I really really want a Series 1 E-Type. But money is a factor to me and unless it’s a piece of rust with a Vin plate on it, I probably can’t afford it. There is an amazing Series 3 for sale from Beverly Hills Car Club. Its the wrong engine (I love the V12, but come one, straight 6!), it’s the wrong color (I want Opalescent Dark Green), and it is beat to hell. I really want to sell all my vehicles and buy this. Being a ‘74 means CARB doesn’t give a fuck and I can rip all the smog equipment off, cam it, put on bigger carbs, and a blow through turbo setup. I think this would be an amazing driving project. Fix the rust and just enjoy that classic British Motoring. I really wish I had the confidence to pull this off... Just look at it in all it’s wonderful glory.

Such Beauty
Such Grace
I love how beat up it is. I just can’t help staring. I want it in my life. I have driving gloves and a scarf already...
Just pull off the safety bumpers
Top Up


Seat covers are all i need
It is so perfect with all those switched!!!! And manual DUH!


I love old school Smith gauges, but they need chrome rings.
Comes with everything.
Look at that complicated mess..... I WANT IT!


So fucking pretty!

I really, really want this car, like really badly. To just have a patinaed E-Type is a dream of mine. I need some classic motoring especially after watching Gentlemen Drivers videos this morning. Like this Jonnie Walker ad.

Part I

Part II