I’ve already written about two people who were supposed to be my friends but treated me like shit, but now one of them has actually said because I didn’t have to work as hard as her in school, I don’t deserve my degree. That and more updates.

Now, one of my “friends,” Jerry, said every time he criticized me and told me what I was doing was wrong, or said I needed to change, he was just doing it to help me, and it was because he cared about me. He honestly does not see how his words could have made feel shitty. And apparently not having friends for years has allowed me to build the perfect friendship in my head, and no one can possibly be a better friend than him. HA!

The other “friend,” though, well she’s just a bitch. I got this message from her a few days ago.

It’s honestly amazing how she thinks she’s somehow better than me because she had to do the reading, and she had to study a lot more than me in order to get the exact same grade as me. She blames everything on one professor we had who liked me and I think sometimes gave me a better grade because she liked me better. I don’t know that for sure, though. But that was only one professor. We had another professor who was an unbelievably hard grader and didn’t believe in giving A’s. I managed to get a B just like my friends in her class, despite not having to do the reading or study very hard.

I didn’t tell my friend this, but I’ve spent years thinking I’m not as smart as others, or smarter than them. But maybe I am smarter than some people. Maybe I did just as well as my friend, despite not having to try as hard, because I’m smarter than her.


The other thing she doesn’t see is that while we went to school she had a desk job at her parent’s company, and she got to do her homework while at work. I, on the other hand, was working at becoming a Master Technician, and every day I came home physically and mentally exhausted. While she was working as a secretary at her parent’s company, I learned a marketable trade and became a master in my field. I managed to do that while getting two degrees.

It’s really quite sad how bitter she is, but thankfully I got my degrees and became a master tech not to impress terrible people like her, but I did it for myself, and to make my mom proud, and I accomplished that goal.

So fuck her.