Is there seriously nobody employed by the city of Toronto that knows how to set up a stoplight?

Exhibit the first. You will note a completely unused lane. Well, all those in front of me are getting on the highway ramp to the right just after the lights. And those in the left turn lane are... turning left. Where are the people in the left lane? Light traffic? One of those idiots who MUST GET IN NOW and blocks the lane off waiting for a gap? No...

It’s the left-turning traffic. This picture is one light back from the first picture. The left turning traffic volume is so large that it literally stops the second lane from being used. So how is this the fault of the city? After all, if the traffic is too heavy for the systems they’ve put in place, that’s because of the compromises they have to make, right? Every city has to deal with that... they’re doing everything they can. Uh... no.


#1, this isn’t freak traffic. It happens every morning. Today was relatively mild.


Here’s the normal extent of the traffic (highlighted, my direction is the red arrow). It can be over half a kilometer, not counting the exit ramp (which is the second set of lights pictured). Half a kilometer on the highway, ok. On city streets, with one effective lane and people trying to pinch into it, with two unsyncronized lights close together, one of which comes off the highway and generally goes red just as there’s a little slack to be taken up, is awful. Usually I’m earlier and miss the traffic... but when you’re a little late it can take 10 minutes to get through that highlighted section. This is not a freak issue, it’s idiocy.

#2, THERE’S NO FUCKING ADVANCED GREEN FOR THAT LEFT TURN LANE. NONE. There’s an advanced for the other direction, fair enough—you’d never get through the volume that comes south every morning. But the straight-through northbound traffic having precedence over the southbound left turn traffic is idiocy. The northbound traffic isn’t super heavy, it doesn’t need those extra 15-20 seconds. But while it’s not super heavy, it’s steady enough that few cars can actually make their left turns during the normal light cycle. 2-4 cars might make it through. And advanced could clear 10, and you’d still have those 2-4 slipping through any breaks in traffic/clearing at the end of the cycle.