This is Also The First Thing I Would Do With a Tesla

Team O’Neil, grabbin’ some oppo in a Model 3.


Which makes me a little happier, as I had a really terrible morning with my kids today. One was fine, the other whined like he was being tortured and I just couldn’t take it. I yelled at him and then I sat on his bed with him and talked to him until I cried. Then I laid down on my own bed with a dog for a while before taking a shower and moving on with my day.

I just want to go back to bed. Or go hiking or something. I want to be by myself, and I can’t be. I want to take the afternoon off. I might do that. I really think I need it, despite having last weekend to relax, sort of.

On the plus side, I’m doing a ski-a-thon fundraiser event tomorrow where basically I’m part of a group and we will see how many laps we can do on a local mountain - we get to skip the lift lines, and it’s a mountain I know really well. It will be the FIRST FULL FREE RUNS I’ve taken all season; while I’m very happy my kids are into skiing, it’s extremely difficult for me not to ski on my own at my speed. Soon I’m sure I’ll be trying to keep up with them, but for now I’m psyched to send it flat out for several hours straight.

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