This is an 80's appreciation thread

But it’s not about Radwood-style nostalgia. Rather, this thread is to acknowledge the advancements in the automotive industry that occurred during this period. I don’t think any other decade saw such a rapid change in the way cars were designed and built. Here’s a breakdown:

Unibody construction took over almost completely

FWD became the default layout

ECUs and EFI took over for carburetors

V8s fell out of main use for passenger cars

The Minivan exploded onto the scene

The Sport Compact segment was created

Vehicles like the S10 Blazer, Ford Ranger, and XJ Cherokee paved the way for the trend of trucks and SUVs as DDs and family vehicles


Aero started to become a larger priority in mass produced cars.

Automakers entered the decade like this:

And ended it like this:


Those two Thunderbirds look 20 years apart, but really they’re just SEVEN. 1982-1989.

Computers were a large driving force behind these changes. The eighties were the decade of electronics. We saw more extensive use of automation in manufacturing, increasing consistency and precision. Cars started being designed extensively using CAD, allowing for designs to be modeled and optimized quicker and cheaper.


The auto industry more or less reinvented itself between the late 70s and early 90s, and the decade marks the cutoff between “modern” and “classic” cars.

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