I have…news! Good? Bad? I don’t know, take it at face value. Call came in from the mechanic and we are going with a whole newish engine. Everything else we had found was fairly high mileage but he seems to have found a deal on an 80k mile example for 3k. My old engine was 185k miles so first off I would imagine that 100k miles less is a great start. It also comes with a 12 month 12k miles warranty, although I’m not all sure what this would cover based on the short phone congo I had. I’m excited to get my car back even if it does seem a bit pricey.

I also forgot to ask but hopefully I will get to keep my old engine to rebuild myself for the experience, and to either save for when the motor goes again or sell to recoup some costs. The new/used engine is coming from a wrecking yard in California so I can’t imagine they want a core to lessen the price and unless the mechanic offers some money for the old engine there is no way I wouldn’t get it back right? I’ve been getting a little bored at home and building an engine seems like a great pastime.

Pic is my car at the mechanic sans-engine.