The Ford Edge ST is a very appropriate use of the ST name. The Ford Edge Sport always took a bigger engine than it really needed and shoved it into the crossover to combine with flashy wheels and a sporty suspension for a great daily driver for those who needed a good daily driver but also wanted to love the feel behind the wheel.

And if that sounds like the Fiesta “Thank you Fusion for the 1.6 Turbo” ST and the Focus “Thank you Escape/Fusion/Edge for the 2.0 Turbo” ST then you see where I’m going.


TO put it another way - the Edge Sport was an ST before the ST badge got popular. So they’re correcting that mistake now and giving it the brand identity it needs to keep selling. I’ll bet money that the Fusion “Sport” either becomes the Fusion SHO or Fusion ST in a year or two.

tl;dr - The Edge Sport became the Edge ST and it always was this way, we just didn’t realize it yet. It isn’t a big deal. Get over yourself.

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