This is B to the S (a rant)

Work is driving me nuts with all this Corona virus stuff. We are constantly getting mixed messages - first we’re getting closed, then we’re open. Now all our sister organizations are completely, 100% closing, but we’re not. We were told we could self-quarantine if we’re not comfortable coming in, then that was rescinded. We have a lot of people who travel, although most of that has been canceled, but we still have people filtering back in from recent trips. First they were sending them home, but then they let certain people stay, then sent some people home but called others back in. Yesterday afternoon we were told to submit 4 weeks worth of time sheets with anticipated hours we’d be teleworking (even though we can’t actually telework due to the nature of the work). Today we’re told never mind, just do time cards normally. This afternoon we got guidance from up high that we should avoid meetings & groups of 5 or more people. I work in a cube farm with 12.

Just make up your minds, either send me home or make me and everyone else come in so I can catch the damn thing and live or die already. I don’t even care what the outcome is so much as I’d just like a damn decision.


Meanwhile, Mrs. Snuze is home writing a book report. B to the S.

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