What could possibly be better than a 1957 Air shifted top alcohol powered monster that manages 6.9 @ 207MPH in the quarter mile?

Excuse the wall of images, apparently Kinja has acted up and I can’t upload the images and had to link them and apparently can not type between them to offer more information. But whatever.

So this was built by Jonnie Lindberg and Ritchie Crampton who are Top fuel and funny car racers, the car was built a day or so before they left to attend the events, basically winging it to make it.

The Engine is a 521 Brad Anderson (Hemi?) making 3,000HP, with a noonan block because water jackets. The engine was actually pulled from Jonnie Lindberg’s Top Alcohol funny car which was raced the weekend before at the US nationals.

So those that know what drag week is realize that the car has to be driven from event to event, and driving a top alcohol powered car that makes some ridiculous amount of power isn’t really feasible, so here is how they manage. They remove the plate off the front of the intake manifold under the blower, remove the blower belt and use a contraption involving what looks to be a breaker bar and some more brackets to hold the blower pulley. Then when they run it on the street they use E85, and a Holley EFI system to power the car and make it from one event to another. (Picture 2 and 7 sort of show what they did to power the car for the street)

This thing is amazing, I’m absolutely amazed that someone was insane enough to look at this and go “This is a good idea, let’s do it”




Link with more pictures and a short article.