This is disconcerting: whiny diff on the Vette

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The diff seems to be whining in the Vette while under low load in 5th and 6th (I’m guessing its whining in all the gears but its only noticeable in those 2). It stops whining if im off throttle and under heavy accel (could be that the exhaust is too loud for me to hear it). I did replace the trans and diff fluid today and its still the same :(


It sounds like this, but its much more quieter than that:

I’ll take it to a Vette specialist in Indy this week for a final diagnosis. If it is the diff, I will just drive it as is for a while and see if it gets worse.


Interwebs suggest its around a $1000 to get it rebuilt. Welp.... I would also need to take the entire rear end out of the car to remove the diff. Seems like fun times ahead!

Anyways, have a good weekend Oppo.

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