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This is exhausting...

Warning: Non-car stuffs ahead......

Ugh, what the hell was I thinking this morning? Why do I keep doing this stuff? Why do I often hate myself and everything about my life?


Anyway, since coming out, one of the hardest things for me to do on Kinja is well...just be on Kinja. I’m prone to accidentally saying things that sends a witch hunt after me...sometimes often lasting for months, if not a whole year. My latest screw up was this morning on Jezebel. I was busy at work and wanted to shoot off a quick comment. I didn’t proofread, I didn’t think out my response, I said some stuff I shouldn’t...didn’t clarify what I should have...and now I look like the most transphobic person ever to grace the pages of Kinja. It’s like, I don’t even have the chance to apologize, because the Jez fp isn’t about that. The best I can do is change my Kinja handle and hope that minimizes the damage.

And this happens like, every couple months. Be it here on Oppo, on another Kinja, or even on the FP...sometimes I just screw up a comment and it just starts a whole lot of trouble that lasts me for so long...and all I do is log out of Kinja, come back a week or a month later.. Doing anything that is not car stuff on Kinja has brought me more pain than joy. This never happened before, probably because I kept to myself.


So what now? Should I just merge all my trans stuff into that “emergency” wordpress I made in case Kinja got the axe (and just use Kinja for car stuff)? Maybe that’ll let me enjoy Kinja more. But then I feel terrible for giving up and packing up shop. Just weather the storm? Tell them all to buzz off? I’m amazed people even read my stuff anymore. I’ve stepped on so many toes by now I’m sure there’s a waiting list of people who’d love to tip over my car. Gosh I sound like a whining baby. :/

Raptor Excursion for anyone who made it this far.

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