This is fast.

Thanks to the advice of fellow Oppos I used Acronis True Image to clone my hard drive to the new, but smaller, SSD after moving my Steam directory, a laborious task that took over a day. This one upgrade has breathed new life into this semi-old computer. It was great as a Hackintosh running off of an SSD, but I find myself using Windows 10 more often and thus tossed in another SSD found on sale over at Newegg.

It’s not state-of-the-art, but then again, it only set me back $200 (plus the cost of the SSD). I re-used some existing parts (video card, another 8GB of RAM, and some spare drives to supplement the 2TB unit that came with it). Thanks to this performance boost I can see using this beastie for several more years. My only problem now seems to be that I don’t want to run anything off of conventional hard drives any longer as I don’t think I could stand the wait. I guess I’ll grab more SSDs as I find them on sale or on the used market; I guess another 1-1.5 TBs will be sufficient for my simulations, and everything else can go on a conventional HD (or SSHD if I find some deals).


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