This is good

It’s not the super sweet, artificial-tasting big brand ginger ale, nor is it the biting-into-a-ginger-root experience that a lot of the ‘artisan’ ginger ales seem to aim for, completely neglecting any amount of carbonation in the ill-advised quest for the strongest ginger flavor.

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Fevertree is... Just right. A presumably very carefully chosen amount of carbonation that seems to be as tingly/sharp/biting as possible *without* overloading the somewhat light flavor profile. And just as they nailed the carbonation, Fevertree chose precisely the right amount of ginger. You get the somewhat unique flavor without feeling like you stuffed a handful of raw herbs and spices into your mouth. With a noticeably less sugary taste than the big-box brands, this stuff leaves behind no cloying aftertaste.

The only downside... $6.50 for a 4-pack of 6.8oz bottles. That’s pretty spendy dollar-per-ounce for a glorified mixer. Guess I’ll be making sure to enjoy each and every sip.

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