More rare model 94 mustang, all porno red interior. 5 speed. Has had a little bit of cam work. Rebuilt motor from a 96 mustang. I have literally drove this car for 2 years straight. Also used it for a job that requires driving. No leaks no smoke. Bessie can take you anywhere you need to go and as fast as you wanna get there. Has had no issues starting in the cold at all. Heat is warm. Has some exhaust work u can see in pictures it comes out under the drive door. Needs a new paint job and a new strut and a wheel alignment and she will be set for another 5-8 years. I hate to sell her but I’m trying to buy a bike for the summer or save the money up. I drive a company vehicle so I don’t get much time to drive Bessie anymore. Pulls hard and can roast the tires on command. One of the best vehicles ive owned without a doubt my price is basically firm willing to trade for firearms / motorcycles / trucks suv/ anything fun. Bessie has alot of potential.

I have done so much to it. New thermostat/water pump/ newer brakes on rear/ new ball joints/ new rotor/calipers / new ecu from 96 mustang/ motor pulled/rebuilt from 96 mustang. 160xxx on body no clue on motor. Check engine light on due to custom exhaust.